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If you work in the vehicle rental or leasing industry, SAVRALA is YOUR association. Joining us gives you the credibility of belonging to a professional trade body, a voice in our powerful lobbying activity and access to a business and legal support service tailored for the vehicle rental and leasing industry.
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Most credible industries have a consultative and controlling body that works at the highest levels to promote and protect its members’ interests and to ensure the long-term sustainability of the industry as a whole.

Companies that seek accreditation by SAVRALA commit to the conditions mandated in our Constitution and Code of Conduct and Charters. SAVRALA accreditation immediately boosts a company’s professionalism and reputation. Consumers prefer to deal with accredited SAVRALA members as they are assured of quality service levels and integrity.


  • Access to industry indicator statistical data – essential to business management
  • Quarterly meetings – providing a valuable platform for members to network in the best interests of this challenging and highly competitive industry
  • Support in the form of an effective consumer complaints procedure


  • Up-front and detailed pricing
  • Vehicles that are serviced and inspected to the manufacturer’s minimum operating standards
  • A range of risk protection products
  • Recourse in the form of an effective complaints procedure

Any company operating within the rental, leasing and fleet management industry can benefit from SAVRALA membership. Here’s why:

  • Status and credibility
  • SAVRALA members are quality assured and operate under a code of conduct. This reassures potential customers that they are dealing with a reputable company that will offer the highest levels of service
  • Voice of the industry
  • SAVRALA protects members’ interests by campaigning for open, competitive and fair legislation and regulation.
  • Member services
  • Membership gives access to a wide range of events, products and services, including industry-specific training


Kindly note that all values exclude VAT

Manufacturers & Importers R 17,865
Associate Members R 10,040

Total Contracts Managed at Date of Application R 10,000 for all categories

Total Rental Fleet at Date of Application

< 1000 R 12,225
< 3000 R 59,980
< 5000 R 89,995
< 7000 R 104,970
> 9000 R 120,600
< 11000 R 136,227
< 13000 R 202,370
< 15000 R 240,360
< 17000 R 256,900
< 19000 R 278,300
> 19000 R 299,770

(Note: These are the levies/subscriptions that all existing members pay)


Kindly take note of the following important information before following the simple 4-step Application Process:

  • SAVRALA membership is strictly defined and controlled. Industry involvement does not constitute automatic qualification
  • Compliance with SAVRALA’s Code of Conduct is a condition of full membership.
  • The Code of Conduct should be read in conjunction with SAVRALA’s Constitution (refer 1. below)
  • SAVRALA’s National Executive Committee (NEC) has the sole and exclusive right to determine the minimum qualifications for membership from time to time
  • The NEC has the exclusive right to accept or reject any application for membership
  • The particulars contained in the Application Form (refer 4. below) must be completed where applicable by all applicants and will be treated in confidence
  • Should the application be successful, the applicant will be invoiced for the relevant joining levy/subscription (refer 3. below). Payment should be made promptly, either by cheque to the Secretary’s offices or by electronic funds transfer to the SAVRALA account, details of which the Secretary will advise on request (refer 4. below)

The SAVRALA Constitution and Code of Conduct must be read and understood prior to application.

Code of Conduct and Charters: download as a PDF
Constitution: download as a PDF with Annexures Containing Application Form & Annual Returns

SAVRALA’s financial year runs from 1 July to 30 June. Please note that a successful application made between 1 January and 30 June will attract a joining levy/subscription fee of half of the tariff as outlined in the levies section. Applications made between 1 July and 31 December will pay the full annual subscription fee.

To view 2016/17 Levies: click here

To facilitate invoicing as may be required by SAVRALA’s Secretary, members are required to complete an Annual Renewal Form during the second calendar quarter of each year.

Annual Renewal Form: download PDF.


Application Form: download PDF.

The particulars contained in this Application Form must be completed where applicable by all applicants and will be treated in confidence.