Adjustment to the lock down level

Dear Member,

The President addressed the Nation on the evening of 23 April 2020. The address was primarily focussed on the status of the lock down after 30 April 2020, as well as the policy the Government would follow into the future in terms of the withdrawal of the lock down, the stages this would involve and the focus on getting the economy back on track.

The address by the President on 21 April, as well as the policy document relating the various levels of lock down, how these would take place and what they entailed, have been included in this communication.

Please note that – subject to any gazettes published – the current lock down conditions remain in force until such time as specific directives are published either amending or removing the current restrictions.  Whilst we are all suffering under the most severe financial and operational conditions – we have to wait for the relevant gazettes to be published.

Kind regards,

Sandile Ntseoane | General Manager | SAVRALA