VWSA wins Manufacturer of the Year Award

SAVRALAVolkswagen South Africa (VWSA) has won the SAVRALA MOTY (Manufacturer Of The Year) award for seventh consecutive year, an award which recognises superlative levels of service, new standards in technology and safety, and continuous improvements in delivery standards by vehicle manufacturers as rated by their customers – the car rental sector.

This vehicle manufacturer also walked away with several key awards at the 21st edition of the MOTY awards held in Johannesburg on October 21, including the Value Award and Best Manufacturer’s Technical Representative.

Lauding the achievement, SAVRALA President Marc Corcoran said: “It is a remarkable achievement and testimony to the VW SA team that they have continued to defend their MOTY leadership for a seventh time. They are true brand custodians and should take great pride at the fact that the car rental industry has recognised and duly rewarded their efforts.”

VWSA enjoyed a comfortable three-point lead between them and second place, which was achieved by Hyundai.

Illustrating the extent to which some automotive companies have focused on their car rental customers and put action plans in place to improve their previous MOTY scores, the Most Improved award also went to Hyundai who moved from 6th to 2nd this year.

For the second year in a row, the Tutuka award was won by Audi SA demonstrating a commitment to satisfying customer needs in the lower volume and niche category, which is agnostic of the large volumes sold to the car rental sector.

VWSA continued their dominance and were further recognised in the critical Value Award category.

Acknowledging the role of certain individuals within the car rental industry, the following awards were made:

  • Best Account Executive was won by the Loshini Pillay (Volkswagen)
  • Best Manufacturer’s Technical Representative was won by Robert Wright (Volkswagen)



Overall Bronze

  • Toyota South Africa Motors

Overall Silver

  • Hyundai South Africa

Overall Gold

  • Volkswagen South Africa

Best Account Executive

  • Loshini Pillay (Volkswagen)

Best Manufacturer’s Technical Representative

  • Robert Wright (Volkswagen)

Most Improved

  • Hyundai

Value Award (Certificate)

  • Volkswagen

Tutuka Award

  • Audi South Africa

While any company will always appreciate being rewarded by its customers, MOTY 2016 has again challenged the OEMs, on an objective customer review basis, to compete and try best satisfy their customer (i.e.: car rental) requirements. The MOTY competition offers a unique insight to the expectations of OEMs from SAVRALA car rental members.

Corcoran concludes: “Given the massive cost of fleet for car rentals companies, a lot of thought is given to their vehicle purchasing decisions. As a consequence, individuals, who may be considering a vehicle purchase should consider those brands that SAVRALA has critically assessed and duly rewarded.’’

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Steps are well underway to announce the 2016 winners of the 21st annual SAVRALA MOTY (Manufacturer Of The Year), to be announced at a gala ceremony in Johannesburg on 21 October.

South African Vehicle Rental and Leasing Association (SAVRALA) car rental members are currently completing their second round of voting to nominate their top contenders.

The first round, conducted in March, rewarded the top five manufacturers being Audi, BMW, Hyundai, Toyota and Volkswagen. In this group, the top three were separated by only three points which can easily change the overall scores winners when round two is completed.  Similar to previous years, it again highlights the competitiveness and increased focus on customer service by the various manufacturers.

In contrast to many other car surveys, this award is based on customers scoring their automotive suppliers on a series of objective criteria which include B-BBEE levels, value for money (e.g: vehicle resale, maintenance and cost of parts), vehicle security, communication and support. A new feature of the survey introduced last year was the distribution to each manufacturer  the actual scores received by each of the car rental companies. The scoring process by car rental companies is therefore completely transparent to each manufacturer.

Volkswagen South Africa (VWSA) has for six consecutive years won the accolade of car rental winner, but last year saw VWSA’s competitors all move together to close the gap on VWSA. It is expected that this year’s final scores will be as close, given that last year’s results and feedback will have highlighted opportunities for improvement for each competing manufacturer.

Last year’s award also saw a mere 0.1 difference in score between Audi SA and Toyota South Africa Motors which swopped podium places, with Audi taking home silver. The Most Improved Award went to BMW SA which leaped to 7th place.

“This year’s MOTY process has entered Round 2 of voting with an online questionnaire distributed to rental members, the results of which will be added to Round 1 to determine the MOTY winners. We will not be surprised if the winning margin is less than a point,” says SAVRALA GM Sandile Ntseoane.

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