Volkswagen South Africa wins 2015 Motor Manufacturer Award

p2910SavralaVW-001JOHANNESBURG, OCTOBER 23, 2015 – Volkswagen South Africa (VWSA) wins the SAVRALA MOTY (Manufacturer Of The Year) award for the sixth consecutive year.

Celebrating its 20th year, the SAVRALA 2015 Manufacturer of the Year was revealed during a gala award ceremony at the Hilton Hotel in Sandton tonight, 23 October. Incredibly, for six consecutive years, Volkswagen South Africa (VW) took the accolade of overall car rental winner yet again.

Commenting on this achievement, SAVRALA President Marc Corcoran applauded VWSA’s remarkable achievement and said that one had no choice but to respect the consistent and recognised high levels of service given by VWSA to the car rental industry. “An important insight from this year’s data is the improved scores by almost all automotive brands, demonstrating the competitive nature of the industry,” he added.

RIC_5809-VW-2-001The MOTY 2015 results further reveal that VWSA has gained a distinct advantage over its peers in the key survey category of Communication and Support.

The competitive nature of this year’s MOTY awards was best demonstrated by the 0.1 difference in score between Audi SA and Toyota South Africa Motors which swopped podium places, with Audi taking home silver this year.

Illustrating the extent of how some automotive companies have focused special attention on their car rental customers, the Most Improved Award went to BMW SA which leaped from 11th place last year to 7th this year achieving a phenomenal 17% increase in their 2015 score.

Addressing concerns by some automotive brands that they are at a disadvantage when competing against their larger-volume peers in the car rental industry, a new award called Tutuka was created and won by Audi SA. “The performance of Audi this year clearly demonstrates that winning MOTY is not merely a function of the volumes sold to the car rental industry, but also of satisfying customer needs,” said SAVRALA GM Sandile Ntseoane.

The Value Award in its first year was a tight contest, but was won by Ford SA which, by the narrowest of margins, beat VWSA. Commenting further Marc said this ‘’was an important award as the cost of vehicle ownership is a key consideration for any fleet purchase, whether a corporate fleet or individual purchaser.’’

MOTY 2015 also acknowledged the role of certain individuals the car rental industry:

  • Best Account Executive was won by David Maeko (Ford SA)
  • Best Manufacturer’s Technical Representative was won by Bennita Senyatsi (Nissan SA)

The MOTY evening also saw industry stakeholders recognise the remarkable service given by Dawn Jones, Imperial Car Rental CEO, who leaves the industry next month after 35 years.

“Dawn leaves behind an incredible legacy that few could even imagine achieving. Ever the shrewd car rental operator, Dawn had a remarkable, innate skill in developing warm relationships with her colleagues, customers and competitors. The industry thanks her for contribution and wishes her well in her future endeavours,” concluded Marc.


Overall Bronze
Toyota South Africa Motors

Overall Silver
Audi South Africa

Overall Gold
Volkswagen South Africa

Best Account Executive
David Maeko (Ford SA)

Best Manufacturer’s Technical Representative
Bennita Senyatsi Nissan (SA)

Most Improved
BMW SA Group

Value Award (Certificate)
Ford (SA)

Tutuka Award
Audi South Africa

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SAVRALA is the trade body for companies engaged in the rental of passenger cars and commercial vehicles. Founded in the 1970s, SAVRALA represents South Africa’s the car rental rental industry

We lobby government to ensure that regulation and legislation affecting its members is fair. SAVRALA also works with public sector agencies, industry associations and key business influencers on key road transport, taxation and finance-related issues.

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2014 MOTY Winners


Volkswagen sweeps the board and takes Gold

Volkswagen sweeps the board and takes Gold at the 2014 Manufacturer of The Year (MOTY) Awards

SAVRALA extends their congratulations to all 2014 MOTY winners:

Overall Manufacturer of the Year Award:

  • Gold: Volkswagen South Africa
  • Silver: Toyota SA Motors (Pty) Ltd
  • Bronze: Hyundai South Africa
  • Most Improved Overall: Honda (Pty) Ltd

Manufacturer of the Year: Rental

  • Gold: Volkswagen South Africa
  • Silver: Toyota SA Motors (Pty) Ltd
  • Bronze: Audi SA
  • Most Improved Rental: Hyundai (Pty) Ltd

Manufacturer of the Year: Leasing

  • Gold: Volkswagen South Africa
  • Silver: Toyota SA Motors (Pty) Ltd
  • Bronze: General Motors South Africa
  • Most Improved Leasing: Honda (Pty) Ltd

Best Account Executive

  • Leasing: Queen Ramaliwa (Volkswagen South Africa)
  • Rental: Faan Fourie (Toyota SA Motors (Pty) Ltd

Best Technical Representative:

  • Leasing: Lutendo Mudau (Volkswagen South Africa)
  • Rental: Lutendo Mudau (Volkswagen South Africa)

The Southern African Vehicle Rental and Leasing Association’s (SAVRALA) much coveted overall Manufacturer of The Year (MOTY) Awards were held this past Friday, 24 October, in a glamorous gala event in Sandton, Johannesburg. Once again, incredibly, Volkswagen walked away with the highest honours again. Volkswagen have now won this prestigious award consecutively since 2010.

SAVRALA President, Marc Corcoran acknowledged what was achieved and said “Volkswagen should be proud of the consistent accolades given from their major fleet customers in such difficult and competitive trading conditions.”

This year, SAVRALA and its guests were truly honoured to have had the Minister of Transport, Dipuo Peters attend the event and give the key note address. While the Minister addressed many aspects of the automotive industry, and some of the challenges the industry and the country faces in terms of the road infrastructure and funding, a key highlight was an invitation from the Minister to engage directly on the various issues affecting their members.

SAVRALA President Marc Corcoran, responded warmly and added that “the industry had recently resolved to try and engage more directly with several key strategic Government departments and had identified the Department of Transport as a priority. The timing of this invitation is perfect and we look forward to making a positive contribution” he said. “As a member of the Tourism Business Council South Africa (TBCSA), SAVRALA had previously engaged with Government via the National Department of Tourism, however, we concluded that a more direct engagement with the National Department of Transport was more desirable to progress transport specific matters. We look forward to discussing a broad range of issue from infrastructure funding, road safety, law enforcement and the role of SAVRALA within the broader transport sector.

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Tough Competition at the 2014 MOTY Awards

Truly a people’s car. That is the strong message the South African car rental and leasing companies have sent the motoring industry, as they recognised Volkswagen South African as the Overall Motor Manufacturer Of The Year (MOTY) winner for a fourth consecutive year.

However the accolades did not stop there, Volkswagen further walked away with the gold award for the rental category, the gold award for the leasing category, as well as the gold awards for best rental account executive and the best technical representative for both the rental and leasing categories.

The SAVRALA Manufacturer of the Year Award is not just some glitzy award decided through a random voting effort, but is a scientific and stringent process arrived at as a result of 10 Rental and 6 Leasing & Fleet Management companies rating 26 motor manufacturers. Using a survey containing 40 different and targetted questions.

The questionnaires are completed not only by one individual in each company, but by a panel of people who depend on, and deal directly with each manufacturer and its staff. This results in obtaining an accurate, objective, unbiased and company-wide perspective of the service levels experienced. Aspects that are covered by the survey include areas such as manufacturer contact, communication, technical assistance, parts availability and pricing structures.

The competition is tough and the selection process is stringent. For the past four years VOLKSWAGEN have consistently provided the best service and support to their corporate customers in order to retain their various 1st place positions as awarded by the South African Vehicle Rental and Leasing Association (SAVRALA). TOYOTA were successful in retaining their 2nd place for the Rental and Overall sections as well as receiving a Leasing section award after an absence of 11 years, taking the 2nd spot previously held by NISSAN. The 3rd place spoils for Rental went to AUDI, and for Leasing to GENERAL MOTORS, both for the second year running.

This year, The SAVRALA MOTY Awards, always a black tie affair, was once again held at the elegant Hilton Hotel in Sandton, Johannesburg. Attended by the who’s who of the rental, leasing and car manufacturer’s industries, the guests were privileged to be addressed by high-profile VIP guest, the honourable minister of Transport, Ms. Dipuo Peters.

Adding some spit and polish to the evening was always-popular Top Billing host, Simba Mhere, who ensured everything ran like a well-oiled machine. The brief but welcome entertainment was provided by the enthusiastic and inspiring Kliptown Youth Programme children with top notch showmanship of their gumboot dancing skills. KYP’s mission is to eradicate the poverty of mind, body, and soul and to fight against the disadvantages imposed on the children of Kliptown.

SAVRALA extends their congratulations to all 2014 MOTY winners.

“The results were very close and it is always a very tight race but the competition for these highly coveted awards is very fierce and the manufacturer’s work very hard to earn and maintain the positions they received. You need to understand that besides delivering excellent service and products, these brands need to remain profitable, and that, in these lean economic times, is no mean feat. I was actually very please how well the evening ran and was particularly happy that our minister managed to take time out of her busy schedule to attend our awards. This shows me that government values SAVRALA’s contribution to the industry and the country,” said Marc Corcoran, SAVRALA President.

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SAVRALA Manufacturer of the Year 2013 AWARDS

Best Account Executive

  • Leasing:  Kathleen Booth (Volkswagen South Africa)
  • Rental:  Queen Ramaliwa (Volkswagen South Africa)

Best Manufacturers Technical Representative:

  • Leasing:  Lutendo Mudau (Volkswagen South Africa)
  • Rental:  Lutendo Mudau (Volkswagen South Africa)

Manufacturer of the Year: Leasing

  • Most Improved Leasing:  Renault SA (Pty) Ltd
  • Bronze:  General Motors South Africa
  • Silver:  Nissan SA
  • Gold:  Volkswagen South Africa

Manufacturer of the Year: Rental

  • Most Improved Rental:  Renault SA (Pty) Ltd
  • Bronze:  Audi SA
  • Silver:  Toyota SA Motors (Pty) Ltd
  • Gold:  Volkswagen South Africa

Overall Manufacturer of the Year Award:

  • Most Improved Overall:  Renault SA (Pty) Ltd
  • Bronze:  General Motors South Africa
  • Silver:  Toyota SA Motors (Pty) Ltd
  • Gold:  Volkswagen South Africa