SAVRALA Car Rental Statistics

SAVRALA Rental stats for November 2023

According to the data submitted for November 2023, the Rental fleet size across South Africa for the month was 64 200 units in size. This is 14.2% higher than the fleet size in November last year, and 1.7% up from the fleet size in October. March 2023, at 64 900 vehicles, represented the largest the rental fleet has been since July 2020. Botswana and Namibia enjoyed the biggest regional growth in fleet size, 42.4% bigger than the fleet volume in the region in November 2022. The Gauteng area, the biggest market with the largest fleet (26 400 vehicles), was 10.3% up on last year.

Fleet utilisation for the eleven months to November 2023 was reported at 68.8%, which was lower than the window to November 2022 (72.0%), but up on utilisation from the first ten months of 2023 (68.4%).

Rental transactions for the first eleven months of 2023 were 1 857 600 dealings, 15.8% above what was recorded for January-November last year. The best performing region thus far in 2023 is the Western Cape, 22.5% ahead of what was reported in 2022, whilst the Gauteng area recorded an 14.4% growth in transactions. The region with the best year-on-year transaction growth for the month of October was Botswana/Namibia, with 13.0% more transactions than the same month last year.

The average length of rental in the January to November window was 7.9 days, down on the equivalent period in 2022 (8.4 days). Reported revenue for the first eleven months of this year was up 21.5% on the same eleven months in 2022, but for the month of November alone revenue was 4.7% behind that of last year.

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