Skills Development


Fleet management is a specialised field of business. SAVRALA leasing and fleet members and the general public have a range of qualifications to choose from in the field of fleet management.

SAVRALA currently endorses Fleet Management related Higher Education qualifications offered through Lyceum College and Southern Business School.  Both institutions are accredited higher education providers offering certificates, diplomas and degree programmes with specialisation in Fleet Management.


Both institutions can provide the industry knowledge required to be successful in Fleet Management.  Individuals working as fleet managers or those employed in the fleet management and leasing industry and studying for the first time at Higher Education level, looking to gain Fleet Management specific knowledge, can choose the appropriate course depending on their long-term career objectives.

Lyceum College – Diploma in Fleet Management
(NQF Level 6, 375 credits)
This qualification puts heavy emphasis on Fleet Management as the topic is covered over a number of fleet specific subjects and is topped up with other management subjects.  This qualification is ideal for those individuals that are seeking to entrench themselves in the fleet management industry.

Southern Business School – Diploma in Management: Fleet Management
(NQF Level 6, 360 credits)
This qualification is a generic management qualification and covers Fleet Management as an elective in one subject per annum (FLM100, FLM200, FLM300).  This qualification is ideal for individuals that want to obtain a qualification in general management and gain exposure to the fleet management industry theories and concepts.


Making the decision of what and where to study will be based on future career plans. If you wish to obtain a degree, options to continue studies at a later stage should ensure that the initial choice of qualification and institution will support long-term plans.

Lyceum College offers a BCom degree

Southern Business School offers a BBA degree


In-house programmes
The Centre for Management and Leadership Development (CMLD) at the Southern Business School offers a Certificate in Management (Fleet Management) as an in-house programme.  Students receive tuition at their workplace or at a designated facility and complete the Certificate over the duration of one year.  In addition, the employer could identify a bona fide business issue, which the students must address in their assignments.

The Certificate in Management (Fleet Management) can be offered as a learnership by Southern Business School through the Centre for Management and Leadership Development (CMLD).

Short course in Fleet Management
Fleet Management 100, which is a subject offered as a major elective in the Certificate in Management at Southern Business School, can be offered as a short course and upon successful completion, students will receive a certificate that will carry credits towards the full Certificate in Management (Fleet Management).  This short course is run upon request as an in-house course.

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Skills programme – National Certificate: Professional Driving
SAVRALA’s Mobility Services’ Skills Project pilot programme, facilitated in conjunction with the Tourism, Hospitality and Sport Education and Training Authority (THETA), is a training and development programme designed to address the shortage of fully trained chauffeurs and professional passenger transporters.

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